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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Enhancing Perimeter Security Integrating Audio-Video with IP Speakers


Securing the perimeter is essential for businesses and homeowners alike. Enhancing this protection with the fusion of network speakers and video surveillance systems transforms the security experience. It allows not only visual monitoring but also direct communication with individuals captured on camera. Utilizing professional-grade speakers significantly boosts audio quality and volume, surpassing the capabilities of standard built-in camera speakers. This ensures crystal-clear communication in critical security situations. Adopting this integrated audio-video strategy proactively heightens situational awareness, aiding in the prevention of security breaches and potential losses.

Proactive and Responsive

Integrating network audio with video surveillance offers a dynamic security solution for homes and communities, focusing on preempting thefts and break-ins.  These systems quickly react to suspicious activities with instant alarms, issuing either live or pre-recorded messages to deter intruders effectively.  Enhanced with IR cameras for night vision, they provide round-the-clock protection.  This setup guarantees safety and peace of mind, especially when away, showcasing the proactive and rapid response features of IP speakers.


Critical Facilities:Enhanced Perimeter Protection

High-security facilities like airports and power plants face complex threats, making video-audio integration vital. Thermal cameras detect intrusions, even at night, and PTZ cameras focus on these areas. Network speakers add a layer of deterrence with warnings. Advanced algorithms in cameras discern real threats from false alarms, ensuring precise security assessments and responses in expansive areas.


Integrating audio and video with Sunell

Sunell enhances customers’ security experience by integrating its diverse video products with network speakers.


  • Sunell IP cameras, featuring AI-ISP, NighthawkFull-color and Thermal Imaging technologies, excel in low-light live monitoring, offering clear, detailed images. Their smart illumination activates upon detecting movement, enhancing detail capture. This accuracy aids network speakers in effectively deterring intruders, ensuring precise alarms and proactive security measures.

  • In response to potential threats, Sunell network speakers deliver pre-recorded or live messages, providing superior incident control to cameras alone. Sunell speakers support up to 120db acoustic pressure, covering distances up to 500 meters.


Sunell network speakers and related devices can be managed all-in-one with Sunell SunView software. The combination of video alarm triggering and audible warning, followed by live video feeds for verification, streamlines security process automation. With audio and video integration, feel at ease knowing your safety is in good hands. More information about Sunell network speakers can be found here.