Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell Launches Advanced Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ for Enhanced Security

February, 2024 - Sunell Technology, a leading global provider of intelligent video surveillance solutions, announced the launch of Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ camera. Engineered for enhanced security, this state-of-the-art camera integrates dual-spectrum imaging to deliver unmatched clarity and detail in various lighting conditions. Whether for perimeter security, critical infrastructure, or comprehensive area surveillance, Sunell's new camera is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern security challenges. Get ready to experience surveillance like never before with our Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled reliability.

High Quality Imaging

This surveillance camera combines a thermal imager (640x512 resolution, 12µm, 25mm lens) with a 4MP Sony STARVIS optical sensor, offering a 40x zoom range (6.27 to 251mm) and 300m IR night vision for unparalleled monitoring.


Perimeter defense with AI

When securing a perimeter, higher accuracy and a low false alarm rate can help reduce operation costs. The Bi-spectrum Speed Dome Camera achieves this by developing powerful video analytics based on Deep Learning algorithms, radically reducing false alarms.


PTZ Smart Tracking

The Bi-spectrum Speed Dome Camera, equipped with Smart tracking, accurately identifies and follows humans, vehicles, and ships in real-time. With optional high-temperature target tracking, it's ideal for advanced surveillance and safety in critical areas.


Temperature measurement for fire prevention

The Bi-spectrum Speed Dome Camera is also equipped with the ability to measure temperature. This process is very useful in a scenario where overheating could lead to fires. The camera can provide non-contact temperature measurement for fast and visible detection. This means that action can be taken earlier, potentially preventing a fire from the very beginning. The camera can trigger a fire alarm faster than a smoke sensor.


Smart Rain-Sensing Wiper

The rain sensor is used to detect the rain, realizing a smarter control of the wiper function. The speed and frequency of the wiper are intelligently adjusted according to the rain. By smart rain-sensing wiper, Sunell Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ can clear rainwater automatically, providing sharp images even in rainy days.


Quickly & Accurately Pan and Tilt

Sunell Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ offers the ability to fast and precisely rotate on a 300°/s pan and 240°/s tilt to survey a wide range of territory.


All-weather Bi-spectrum Security Camera

The Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ Network Camera are IP66 rated.  The built-in de-icing heater of the PTZ IP camera enhance the weather resistance of the camera while avoiding fogging problems.


Application Scenarios

The Bi-spectrum Speed Dome PTZ camera excels in perimeter surveillance, fire prevention, and temperature measurement, using advanced imaging to detect intrusions, identify heat sources, and monitor thermal anomalies for proactive safety.


The Bi-spectrum speed dome cameras contains a number of different models and options, with 640×512 and 384×288 resolution, and fixed focus or motorized focus lenses.  The cameras can be built into a number of solutions, for instance seamlessly working with NVRs, SunView CMS system, and even SunView APP for real-time mobile alerts by phone.  It is used for perimeter defense and fire-prevention in critical infrastructures such as railways, airports, parking lots, factories, etc.  The pre-alarm system helps you discover unexpected events immediately and protects your property.

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