Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell Launches the New 64-ch 4K Redundant Power NVR to Ensure Stable Surveillance

Shenzhen, China (August 17th) - Sunell Technology, a leading global provider of intelligent video surveillance solutions, unveiled its 64-channel Redundant Power Network Video Recorder (NVR). This innovative product is equipped with dual power sources, ensuring the stable operation of surveillance systems even in the face of power-related challenges. By enhancing system reliability and continuity, it effectively addresses the rigorous stability and continuous operation demands of the security monitoring sector.


Exceptional Performance, Unwavering Stability

With its exceptional performance and redundant power design, the Sunell Redundant Power 4K NVR stands as a steadfast cornerstone of surveillance systems. Supporting multi-channel 4K high-definition video input, real-time recording, and playback, it presents clearer details. The dual power source design ensures continuous stable operation even in cases of unstable power or sudden interruptions.


Intelligent Safeguarding, Robust Performance

The new generation Redundant Power 4K NVR seamlessly integrates intelligent analytics capabilities, real-time identifying targets such as individuals and vehicles, delivering a more intelligent monitoring experience to users. Efficient intelligent analysis reduces false alarm rates, enhances alert accuracy, and elevates the efficiency of security monitoring.


Efficient Storage, Data with Confidence

The Sunell Redundant Power 4K NVR supports various storage options, including local hard disk storage and network storage, catering to different storage needs in various scenarios. Advanced compression technology ensures efficient storage utilization while maintaining stable image quality.


Convenient Control, Your Way

Through an intuitive and sleek graphical interface, users can effortlessly manage and control multiple camera feeds, enabling easy video playback and remote access. Regardless of location, monitoring and management can be realized anytime, anywhere.


The launch of the Sunell 64-Channel 4K Redundant Power NVR once again showcases Sunell's technical prowess and innovation in the field of security. It is poised to provide users with enhanced monitoring quality and more intelligent security experiences, infusing new vitality into security protection.