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How can I add a NVR V4.2 to the app on my Android or IOS phone via P2P?

1. Download and install the correct application

2. Ensure that the device is connected to a network and the status is "Online". You can find this information in Setting > Network > P2P

12x Ptz Camera

3. To ensure that the device is connected to the network properly, one example in below.

How Does a Ptz Camera Work

4. Open the app on your mobile phone. Click Add Device

How Does Ptz Camera Work

5. Tap P2P Device and then scan the QR code that is shown on your device's interface. The QR code is located in Setting > Network > P2P.

Camera with Thermal Sensor

6. Input the needed information on the app.

  1) Enter a Nickname.

  2) In the Port field, input the Client Port indicated in the device setting. This information can be found in Setting > Network > Network > Port.

Please note: The default value of the Client Port is 30001. If you changed it to a different number, please make sure to input the new port number in the app.

  3) Enter the Username and Password of the device.

  4) Hit Save at the upper right corner to the save the information.

Full Hd Thermal Camera

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