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Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Thermal Imaging Bullet Network Camera

  • VOx uncooled focal plane detector with 640×512 resolution

  • NETD ≤ 40mK

  • 9/15/25/35/50mm fixed thermal lens

  • Support human/vehicle detection

  • Support fire point and smoking detection

  • Smart events: intrusion, single line crossing, double line crossing, loitering, wrong-way, people counting, enter area, leave area

  • Support 3 temperature measurement rule types (spot, line, area)

  • Temperature measurement range: -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F)

  • Support 12VDC/24VAC/PoE power supply

  • IP66

Specification of Thermal Imaging Bullet Network Camera

Thermal Module

Image Sensor

Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays


Sensor is 640×512. Image can be scaled up to 1280×1024

Pixel Pitch



≤ 40mK

Spectral Range

8 to 14µm

Image Setting

Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, Mirror, FFC control, 2D/3D DNR, Defog

Pseudo-color Setting

White-hot/Black-hot/Rainbow/Ironbow etc. up to 17 modes

Thermal Lens

Focus Control

Fixed lens, Free focus

Focal Length












Angle of View

H: 48°, V:38°

H:29°, V:23°

H:17°, V:14°

H: 12°, V:10°

H: 8°, V:7°

Detection Distance

(Humans: 1.8×0.5m)

375 m

(1230.3 ft)

624 m

(2,047.2 ft)

1,040 m

(3,412.1 ft)

1,456 m

(4,776.9 ft)

2,081 m

(6,827.4 ft)

Detection Distance

(Vehicles: 4×1.5m)

1,150 m

(3,773 ft)

1,917 m

(6,289.3 ft)

3,194 m

(10,479 ft)

4,472 m

(14,672   ft)

6,389 m

(20,961 ft)

Recognition Distance

(Humans: 1.8×0.5m)

94 m

(308.4 ft)

156 m

(511.8 ft)

260 m

(853 ft)

364 m

(1,194.2 ft)

520 m

(1,706 ft)

Recognition Distance

(Vehicles: 4×1.5m)

288 m

(944.9 ft)

479 m

(1,571.5 ft)

799 m

(2,621.4 ft)

1,118 m

(3,668 ft)

1,597 m

(5,239.5 ft)

Identification Distance

(Humans: 1.8×0.5m)

47 m

(154.2 ft)

78 m

(255.9 ft)

130 m

(426.5 ft)

182 m

(597.1 ft)

260 m

(853 ft)

Identification Range

(Vehicles: 4×1.5m)

144 m

(472.4 ft)

240 m

(787.4 ft)

399 m

(1,309 ft)

559 m

(1,834 ft)

799 m

(2,621.4 ft)

* The table is only for reference and the performance may vary according to different environment.

* The optimal detection, recognition, and identification distances are calculated according to Johnson’s Criteria.

Detection Range: In order to distinguish an object from the background, the object must be covered by 1.5 or more pixels.

Recognition Range: In order to classify the object (animal, human, vehicle, etc.), the object must be covered by 6 or more pixels.

Identification Range: In order to identify the object and describe it in details, the object must be covered by 12 or more   pixels.

Video and Audio

Main Stream

1280×1024, 1280×720, 640×512 @25fps

Sub Stream

D1, CIF @25fps

Bit Rate Control


Bit Rate

Main stream: 100Kbps to 8Mbps,

Sub stream: 100Kbps to 6Mbps

Region of Interest

Off/On (8 Zone, Rectangle)

Audio Compression

G711: 64kbps, RAW_PCM: 128kbps

Smart Function

Smart Alarm

Motion detection, Disk alarm, I/O alarm, IVS alarm, Temperature detection alarm

Smart Detection

Support human/vehicle detection, fire point detection

Intelligent Analysis

Intrusion, Single line crossing, Double line crossing, Loitering,   Wrong-way, Enter area, Leave area

(these functions support accurate detection of human/vehicles), People   counting

Temperature Detection

Temperature Detection

3 temperature measurement rule types, 20 rules in total, 1 full screen, 19 others (spot, areas, line).

Temperature Alarm

Over temperature alarm, Temperature difference  alarm


±2℃ / ±2%

Response Time

≤ 30ms

Temperature Range

-20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F)






Max. User Access

10 Users

Web Viewer

<IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Web Language

English, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, Czech, Hungarian


Network Interface

1 Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) RJ-45 Connector

Audio Interface

1ch Audio In, 1ch Audio Out

Alarm Interface

2ch Alarm In, 2ch Alarm Out

Control Interface

1ch RS-485

CVBS Interface

BNC, 75 ohm

Reset Button


SD Card Slot

Built-in, up to 256GB


Power Supply


Power Consumption

Max 5W

Working Temperature

-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Storage Conditions

0 to 90% RH



Ingress Protection





φ120.5 × 315.9 to 352.6 mm (φ4.74 × 12.44 to 13.88 inch)

Net Weight

1.85 kg (4.08 lb) with 9mm lens

Detection Range Table

VCA Detection Distance

(Human: 1.8×0.5m)

47 m 

(154.2 ft)

84 m 

(275.6 ft)

145 m 

(475.7 ft)

188 m 

(616.8 ft)

280 m 

(918.6 ft)

VCA Detection Distance

(Vehicle: 4×1.5m)

110 m 

(360.9 ft)

190 m 

(623.4 ft)

280 m 

(918.6 ft)

380 m 

(1,246.7 ft)

450 m 

(1,476.4 ft)

Temperature Measurement

(Object: 1 × 1m)

150 m 

(492.1 ft)

250 m 

(820.2 ft)

417 m 

(1,368.1 ft)

583 m 

(1,912.7 ft)

833 m 

(2,732.9 ft)

Temperature Measurement

(Object: 0.2 × 0.2m)

30 m 

(94.4 ft)

50 m 

(164 ft)

83 m 

(272.3 ft)

117 m 

(383.9 ft)

167 m 

(547.9 ft)

Fire Detection

(Object: 1 × 1m)

375 m 

(1,230.3 ft)

625 m 

(2,050.5 ft)

1,042 m 

(3,418.6 ft)

1,458 m 

(4,783.5 ft)

2,083 m 

(6,834 ft)

Fire Detection

(Object: 0.2 × 0.2m)

75 m 

(246.1 ft)

125 m 

(410.1 ft)

208 m

(682.4 ft)

292 m 

(958 ft)

417 m 

(1,368.1 ft)

Note: The table is for reference only. The distances within it are subject to actual conditions including atmospheric conditions, target size, the installation site, and more.

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