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Mobile APP for SunView CMS Platform
  • Supports logging into the SunView platform using account/password credentials and IP + port. (All the following operations are performed on the SunView platform.)

  • Supports viewing device information of the currently logged-in user.

  • Supports live viewing and video playback. Live viewing supports 1/4/9/16 screen layouts.

  • Playback supports 1/4 screen layout, with up to 4 channels playing simultaneously.

  • Supports managing facial recognition database data and searching through facial capture data

  • Supports viewing attendance (check-in/check-out) data, including attendance statistics/details inquiries and schedule information viewing.

  • Supports viewing of fever alarm data, including fever statistics, real-time fever push notifications, and fever data search.

  • Supports viewing health record displays, including recent temperatures, temperature trends, and dynamics.

  • Supports linking temperature monitoring, facial recognition captures, and attendance data for real-time push notifications to the mobile notification bar.

  • Supports 17 languages.


Login Management


Username in SunView CMS platform


Passwords in SunView CMS Platform


Server IP address of the SunView CMS platform


Default CMU port number for the SunView CMS platform

Auto Login

Check this for automatic login next time

Home Page

Face Recognition

Synchronizes face-related data with the SunView CMS platform, supporting facial recognition searches and management of facial database personnel information.

Time Attendance

Synchronizes attendance data with the SunView CMS platform and enables queries of attendance records and scheduling details.

Temperature Measurement

Synchronizes temperature detection and capture data with the SunView CMS platform.

Device List

Displays devices added under corresponding organizational structures on the SunView CMS platform.

Live View

Live View

1/4/9/16 display layouts

Change live view quality: HD or SD

Two-way audio

Full-screen mode

PTZ control

360° Mode

Fisheye mode

Digital zoom

Snapshots and videos can be saved to the mobile phone



Supports screenshot and video recording

Drag to a specific date to view the playback video of that time

Supports play videos in 1 or 4 screen layouts

HD and SD video stream settings

Search by calendar, select the data to playback

Support to select a specific time to playback

Supports video playback speeds of 1/8X, 1/4X, 1/2X, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, and 32X

360° panorama mode for video playback

Fisheye mode for video playback

Audio capability of the device and availability for playback videos can be used

Full-screen playback viewing

Alarm Message

Alarm Message

One-click to clear all alarm messages

Supports 3 message categories: general alarms, attendance, and temperature monitoring

Support for alarm message deletion

Supports displaying alarm devices, time, and type.

Support up and down page view



User can save cameras to Favorites during live view.

Allows user to add, edit, delete Favorites

User can start live view by one tap of the favorite.



English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Hebraism, Finnish, German, Turkish

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SunCMS App

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