Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunview APP

Mobile Surveillance APP
  • Support simultaneously managing network camera and Sunell NVR

  • Add device via Auto Search, IP/Domain, P2P and Sunell DDNS

  • Support Sunell Cloud Management

  • Support scanning QR code to get a remote view via P2P

  • Support alarm video push notification

  • Support 1/4/9/16 screen layouts

  • Support 1/4 screen layouts for up to 4 channels playback

  • Support to playback with SD card files and HDD files

  • Support image capture/video recording functions

  • Remote configuration: User can configure devices on their mobile phone, including time, day/night mode, motion detection, intrusion, line crossing, and recording schedule.


Account Management

Account Management

Register a new account via email   address

Account login and logout

Change account password

Reset account password

Login by fingerprint authentication

Associated User Management

Synchronize local device to cloud   account

Synchronize cloud device to local

Delete account permanently

Device Management

Device Management

Supports IPC, NVR, DVR

Supports adding the devices via auto search (LAN), manual adding   (IP/Domain, DDNS) and QR code scanning

Edit/delete devices

Edit device name

Remote configuration maintenance to devices

Live View

Live View

1/4/9/16 display layouts

Change live view quality: HD or SD

Two-way audio

Full-screen mode

PTZ control

I/O alarm

Fisheye dewarping

Digital zoom

Snapshots and videos can be saved to   the mobile phone



Search by calendar, select the data   to playback

Support to select a specific time to   playback

Drag the timeline to search

Search videos by time

Up to 4 channels of simultaneous   playback

1 or 4 window division

Control audio

Capture and recording

Drag timeline to set playback start   time

Adjust playback speed

Download video footage to the mobile   phone

Alarm Notification

Alarm Notification

Receive alarm (event) notifications

View alarm (event) information and related videos

Alarm search can be filtered by   device, alarm time and alarm type.

Alarms can be filtered by device.

Allows user to clear message alarms.

Support multiple alarm notification types

Remote Configuration

Remote Configuration

Draw privacy masking area for network cameras

Configure image adjustment and day/night mode for network camera

Configure network setting for device

Configure language, time and time zone for device

Change device password

Configure motion detection, intrusion and line crossing detection for   specific network camera

Configure face library for NVR

Quick face search for NVR

Display storage status and device version

Add devices to Favorites



User can save cameras to Favorites   during live view.

Allows user to add, edit, delete   Favorites

User can start live view by one tap   of the favorite.



English, Simplified Chinese, Russian,   French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Traditional   Chinese, Portuguese, Hebraism, Finnish, German, Turkish

System Requirements

Operating system

Supports iOS   (10.0 or later) and Android (5.0 or later).

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