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What is the use of the joystick on AHD camera?

You can use the joystick (five buttons) attached to one of the camera wires/lines to access the OSD menu of the camera. You can switch the control keys, function keys, check and set parameters of the camera as shown below.

  • SET (center) - it is used to enter the OSD menu or select the menu items. 

  • UP and DOWN- are used to select the menu items upwards and downwards

  • LEFT and RIGHT- areused to select the menu items horizontally or modify the parameters


Please note the OSD Menu will only show up on the monitor if the video signal of the camera matches the video signal of the DVR it is connected to.

  • Press and hold the LEFT button for 5s to switch to AHD mode for output of the 108OPAHD signal. 

  • Press and hold the RIGHT button for 5s to switch to TVIl mode for output of the 1080P TVl signal.

  • Press and hold the UP button for 5s to switch to CVBS mode for output of the 960H analog signal

  • Press and hold the DOWN button for 5s to switch to cVl mode for output of the 1080P CVl signal.

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