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Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Railway Operation

The railway system is a large and complex transportation system with great emphasis on reliability and safety. An infrared thermal imager can provide predictive protection for all kinds of equipment in the railway systems to ensure safe operation. The main application points of the infrared thermal imager in railway operation can be divided into power supply system detection, vehicle detection, and ticket number system detection.

Infrared Thermal Imager Detection of Power Supply System about IP Camera

(1) Transformer detection

Oil blockage, eddy current consumption, internal abnormalities, poor insulation of the iron core will make the transformer box heat. The detection of the transformer box by infrared thermal imager can keep the transformer box at normal temperature and prevent the transformer from being damaged due to high temperature.

(2) Power supply quality testing

Overload means that the load exceeds the rated load of the device. The phenomenon is that the current is too large, the electric equipment heating, line long-term overload, will reduce the line insulation level, or even burn equipment or line.

(3) three-phase imbalance

Refers to the power system in the three-phase current (or voltage) amplitude is not consistent, amplitude difference beyond the specified range. Circulating current (and overheating) in the transformer can reduce the efficiency of the motor.

Infrared thermal imager detection of the vehicle system

Electric locomotive detection

There is a lot of electric skin strength test equipment inside the electric locomotive, which will generate a lot of heat when running. At the same time, due to loose connectors, equipment problems, and other reasons, the locomotive will also appear failure or even have serious accidents. The infrared thermal imager can inspect the parking space of the locomotive, find the hidden trouble of the equipment inside the locomotive in time, and avoid the accident. The internal components of an electric locomotive detected by infrared thermal imager mainly include the main transformer, voltage regulating switch, current converter, traction motor, electric control cabinet, brake resistance cabinet, and so on.

Axle detection of wheel small carton compression test

At present, with the increase in vehicle speed, the problem of vehicle bridge temperature rise becomes more and more important. It is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of axle temperature rise. When the axle temperature is 40℃ higher than the ambient temperature, it must be replaced immediately, otherwise, it will damage the bearing strength and brake pad performance, resulting in accidents. Therefore, when the train enters the station, the axle needs to be checked. High-temperature conditions need to be recorded and marked (as well as the hottest axle position).

When the train axle is improperly installed and overloaded, the friction with the axle bush will produce a lot of heat. In serious cases, the axle of all the electronic horizontal tension testing machines of the car will be hot and red, and finally, the axle breaks, causing the rollover accident. An infrared thermal imager can timely detect the overheating of the vehicle bridge through non-contact measurement, so as to avoid driving accidents caused by the high temperature of the vehicle bridge.

Infrared Thermal Imager Detection In CRSC Machine Room 

Information processing and exchange heavy burden of the computer room is all information network engineering data transmission center, data processing center and data exchange center. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment in the machine room and a good working environment for the staff, the infrared thermal imager has the following requirements for the comprehensive mechanical experimental machine in the working environment of the machine room.

(1) Reliable power guarantee

The power supply adopts the operation mode of mains and standby generators to ensure the reliability of the power supply. To meet the requirements of power supply quality of computer equipment room to ensure that the continuous power supply rate of 99.99% or more.

(2) Excellent machine room environment: accurate temperature control

According to statistics, the desktop constant temperature and humidity testing machine, under the condition of a reference temperature, temperature every 10℃, the reliability of the computer decreased by 25%.