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Seven Must-ask Questions When Buying A Web Surveillance Camera

Which function is very important for the surveillance camera?

Network monitoring system adopts digital technology and provides many functions that analog systems can not match. When choosing a network camera, users can make full use of many benefits of IP technology and choose the right network camera according to their needs. Most webcams offer many useful features, such as multistream video compression, motion detection, wide motion (WDR), 3D digital noise reduction (3D-DNR), alarm input and input, and intelligent video analysis. Choosing a multi-function network surveillance camera allows users to expand the functionality and application areas of the product rather than relying on the video recorder alone.

How High Resolution Does The IP Camera Need?

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Network cameras from the front end to the back end are digital signal transmission, the camera uses progressive scanning technology to fully use the image sensor imaging, in fact, in the same resolution standard, the network camera can be 25% more pixels than the traditional analog camera. (ps. Because traditional analog cameras use interlace-scanning CCD image sensors). The network monitoring system supports megapixel cameras and can provide high-definition, colorful, sharp real-time video.

It is necessary to choose the correct definition of the monitoring camera for the monitoring system. Different cameras have different requirements for sharpness depending on where they are installed or how they are used. For most people, a 2-megapixel webcam will suffice for most surveillance projects. However, there are a few special occasions when higher resolution cameras are needed.

How do I power my camera?

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Many webcams have Power over Ethernet (PoE), so data and power can be transmitted simultaneously using a single network cable. This eliminates the need for additional power supply and wiring, saves construction costs, and simplifies camera installation for centralized management and maintenance in the future. If the network camera is not equipped with the POE function, the camera must use additional power cables and power supplies to power the camera. The current cameras use a DC12V power supply, but some can use an AC24V power supply.

What Devices Do I Need to Use for IP Camera Centralized Management?

Most webcams come with video management software (VMS), which can integrate different systems including burglar alarm systems, lighting systems, environmental monitoring systems, and access control systems. If you are using other security systems to connect to an Internet video surveillance system, make sure the video management software you use is compatible with those systems. System integration allows users to connect different security systems, such as integrating access control systems. In this example, the device communicates through the network and provides a security solution that integrates video surveillance and access control.

Most of the network surveillance cameras in line with the ONVIF protocol, the provisions of this agreement to exchange information between different systems of standards, making the network equipment of different manufacturers and software can be compatible with each other, choosing the ONVIF protocol network cameras is very important, this allows the user to select the product of different manufacturer, more scalable system.

How much network bandwidth does the network monitoring system need?

When choosing a network monitoring system, network bandwidth is a very important consideration. Network cameras need enough network bandwidth to transmit hd video. The network camera uses video compression to reduce file size and optimize network bandwidth and storage space without affecting video quality.

As the number of network cameras increases, network bandwidth will become a problem that users will have to face. The more cameras connected to the network, the higher the pixels, and the more bandwidth required.

How much deposit space does the network monitoring system need?

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It is necessary to configure enough video storage space for a closed circuit surveillance system. Before setting up a video surveillance system, the required video storage space should be estimated.

As a security person, know that the size of storage space is composed of many factors, such as video compression format (coding), video stream definition, video mode, etc., which will affect the size of storage space required for a network video recorder recording, which also includes the number of days the monitoring system needs to save the video.

Increasing enough video storage space for the current surveillance system is the key to ensuring the operation of the surveillance system. This allows users to ensure that videos are saved for a specified number of days without being overwritten by new files. It also allows users to expand the system later by adding more surveillance cameras.

User Requirements for Future Monitoring?

Scalability is another important consideration when choosing a network IP system. Web-based surveillance cameras could make it easier for users to add cameras to cope with future increases in video surveillance requirements.