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What are the Advantages of 360 Panoramic Surveillance Cameras?

The growing popularity of security cameras has led to the development of high-tech models that can offer performance replacements accordingly. Of all the high-tech surveillance systems available on the market, one of the most popular products is the panoramic camera. Now there are many types of panoramic cameras, including single-sensor fisheye cameras and multi-sensor panoramic cameras. Panoramic surveillance cameras offer unique advantages that few security cameras can match, One of its unique features is the ability to provide 180-degree panoramic and 360-degree panoramic views.

What are the advantages of 360 panoramic surveillance cameras?

1. A large coverage area

360 panoramic ip camera has a FOV(field of view) of 180-degree, 360-degree or 720-degree. Therefore, it can replace multiple traditional fixed-lens security cameras with wide coverage and no blind spots.

2. Reduce deployment costs/Deployment costs decrease

Since a single panoramic surveillance camera can effectively monitor a large area, there is no need to install multiple surveillance cameras to cover the entire surveillance area In this way below benefits come: reducing the number of surveillance cameras, saving accessories and equipment costs lowering the difficulty of construction wiring, shortening installation time, and saving labor costs and subsequent maintenance costs.

3. Dewarping mode

Panoramic camera is to bring panoramic experience, which would easily reach the effect of over 4 regular network cameras, bringing 360° surround view with zero blind spots. At the same time, fisheye dewarping by IP camera software brings up to more display modes including 1 fisheye, Single Panoramic, Double Panoramic, 4PTZ and 1F+3PTZ to meet different needs.

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