Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell Showcases Innovative Security Products and Intelligent Solutions at OCTF 2023 in Kuala Lumpur

From June 16th to 18th, Sunell successfully showcased its intelligent security product lineup and demonstrated the latest smart technologies at the OCTF 2023 Smart Tech Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, unveiling the brand's charm.


As a global provider of "AI+Dual-Spectrum" intelligent video solutions, Sunell has been committed to driving technological innovation and development in the security industry, providing high-quality and reliable security products and solutions to customers worldwide. At the Overseas Chinese Fair in Kuala Lumpur, Sunell presented its latest innovative products and intelligent solutions, demonstrating its leading position and technical prowess in the industry.

The following are the key products and solutions showcased by Sunell at the exhibition:

Ultra-low-light Cameras: Sunell's ultra-low-light cameras utilize advanced image sensors and image processing technology to deliver clear and detailed images in extremely low-light conditions, providing users with comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Active Deterrence Cameras: These cameras come equipped with intelligent perimeter surveillance features that automatically identify abnormal behavior and send real-time alerts, ensuring efficient security monitoring and prevention capabilities.

Smart PTZ Cameras: Sunell's intelligent PTZ cameras incorporate advanced pan-tilt-zoom control technology, enabling comprehensive and high-precision monitoring and tracking capabilities, suitable for various complex security scenarios.

AI NVR: These network video recorders combine high-performance video processing and storage technology, supporting high-definition recording and intelligent search functions, providing users with stable and reliable video storage and management experiences.

AI Thermal Cameras: Sunell's intelligent thermal cameras utilize thermal imaging technology to accurately detect and identify targets, making them suitable for nighttime monitoring and security requirements in special environments.

Explosion-proof Cameras: These cameras are designed with explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant features, making them suitable for security monitoring in hazardous environments, providing users with reliable video protection.


WiFi Cameras: Sunell's WiFi cameras support wireless network connectivity, offering convenient installation and layout options for various indoor and outdoor applications.

IP Speakers: These IP speakers integrate voice broadcasting and alarm functions, allowing integration with security systems for remote voice broadcasting and emergency alerts.

Professional Video Management Software: Sunell's integrated management platform provides centralized security management and monitoring, allowing real-time monitoring and control of multiple security devices, and offering intelligent analytics and alarm capabilities, delivering efficient and convenient security management experiences for users.

Sunell's innovative products and intelligent solutions received unanimous praise from attendees at the fair. Visitors appreciated the company's advanced technology, excellent quality, and outstanding performance, acknowledging Sunell's influential position in the security industry.


About Sunell

Shenzhen Sunell Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and was one of the first companies in China to embark on independent research and development. As a leading provider of intelligent video products and solutions in China, Sunell focuses on the global development and innovation of intelligent video products and solutions.

With the vision of "Connecting a Safer World," the company is committed to innovation, intelligence, and interconnectivity. Leveraging its outstanding capabilities in video capture, analysis, storage, and application, Sunell specializes in the independent research and development of intelligent video hardware and software, striving to be a pioneer in the field of intelligent video.


Sunell provides video surveillance products including Network Camera, NVR, Thermal, PTZ Camera, HD Analog Camera and Software, deep diving into extensive applications with AI deep learning in smart cities, finance, energy, forestry, education, transportation, intelligent buildings, and civilian sectors solutions in a safer and smarter way.