Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation
Shenzhen Sunell Technology Corporation

Sunell will Showcase New Products at The Secutech Vietnam 2023 Exhibition

As a global provider of "AI+Dual-Spectrum" intelligent video solutions, Sunell will participate in the Secutech Vietnam 2023 exhibition held in Vietnam from July 19th to 21st, 2023.


Sunell has been committed to driving technological innovation and product development, providing comprehensive security solutions to its customers. At Secutech Vietnam 2023 exhibition, Sunell will showcase the following key products:

LPR (License Plate Recognition) Camera 

Sunell's upcoming LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera is a product specifically designed for detecting and recognizing Vietnamese license plates. These cameras incorporate advanced image recognition technology, allowing for precise capture of license plate information and enabling vehicle tracking and identification. They offer robust support for traffic management and safety.

Smart Thermal Imaging Camera

Sunell's thermal imaging products offer support for features such as temperature measurement, fire detection, smoke detection, people/vehicle detection, and intelligent analytics. Through infrared technology, these thermal imaging cameras are capable of real-time monitoring of temperature changes, fire risks, perimeter protection, and other potential hazards. The intelligent analytics feature allows the cameras to accurately and quickly identify abnormal situations, issuing timely alerts and providing rapid and precise security responses.

Nighthawk Full-color Camera

The Nighthawk camera from Sunell is an innovative product that provides high-definition full-color images in extremely low-light conditions. Whether it's during nighttime, indoor settings, or other low-light environments, the Nighthawk camera can capture detailed, rich full-color footage. This offers the security industry a wider visual range and higher monitoring effectiveness.

Red and Blue Light Warning PTZ Cameras

Sunell will also showcase 5-inch and 3-inch red and blue light warning PTZ cameras, which combine video surveillance and red and blue light warning functions. These dome cameras feature a compact design and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in public areas, traffic intersections, and commercial zones. They provide round-the-clock security protection and monitoring.

Dual-lens 4K Panoramic Camera

As a professional equipment provider, Sunell recognizes the limitations of traditional cameras, including their narrow field of view and inability to deliver high-quality color images. To address these challenges, Sunell is introducing the dual-lens 4K panoramic camera. By employing image fusion algorithms, the dual-lens 4K panoramic camera can accurately stitch together the images from two cameras, creating a seamless panoramic view. This allows users to obtain more information from a single image, reducing the number of surveillance devices required and simplifying installation. It provides users with a broader monitoring range and a more versatile security solution, catering to diverse needs.

Network Broadcasting System

The Sunell network broadcasting system combines the SunView platform and IP Speakers to provide an efficient solution for remote broadcasting and communication. The SunView platform is an advanced management software that, in conjunction with IP Speakers, enables flexible remote broadcasting and communication capabilities. It offers users an advanced and efficient solution for remote broadcasting and communication.

We cordially invite all professional visitors attending the Secutech Vietnam 2023 exhibition to visit our booth and experience firsthand our latest security technologies and solutions. We look forward to sharing this exciting security event with you and exploring potential opportunities for future collaboration.